Low Poly Portrait PT2

A few posts ago, I created a low poly portrait of myself. Here’s the link to it if you haven’t seen it.

I wanted to try recreating another portrait of another person in a different position. I also wanted to give myself a challenge. I took pictures of my boyfriend last time we went out, and in one of the pictures, he was vaping. I never saw any low poly images with smoke (well, vapor in this case) before, so I decided to give it a go.


This is the original image I took. I wanted to experiment with t

To create the final image below, I did the same steps as my personal portrait; I used the pen tool in Photoshop Illustrator, created a triangle, then used the eye dropper tool to select a colour.

Here’s the twist: the smoke isn’t 100% opaque. To give the final image some depth and to show that the smoke is in front, I would add triangles of the smoke, then lower the opacity to 25%-50%. This way, I can add a replicating triangle underneath, with 100% opacity, to act as his sweater. I found that way easier than creating one triangle and selecting a colour because sometimes the colour would be off.

Artboard 1xxhdpi2

This is the final result of my boyfriend’s portrait. I added a similar background as the one in mine, but in blue because its one of his favourite colours. I wanted to make it a personal image for him.

Overall, this edit took me longer than the one of myself. With the additional smoke, and the small details in his vape and lanyard, it definitely added a few hours of time. I really enjoyed making this because it wasn’t a forced school project, and I was able to have full freedom with this.

P.S, my boyfriend really loved this edit I made for him.


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